Nappan Bull Test Station 2013-2014
Bulls can arrive November 7, 8 or 9

The Maritime Beef Test Station has been in operation for over 45 years providing breeders an opportunity to have bulls and heifers in a program that stresses a total performance. This approach, not only measures gain on-test, but also reports on indicators of reproduction and carcass evaluation.

The goal of the Maritime Beef Test Station is to provide the market with bulls and heifers that can meet the needs of the changing cattle industry for both purebred and commercial cattlemen. Approximately 150 bulls and 40 heifers are tested annually and selected animals are sold at the Bull and Heifer sale held in April. All bulls are ultra-sounded and breeders may choice to Igenity Test their bulls. Sale bulls are also given a Reproductive Physical Examination. There will be no heifer test in 2013-2014. Over the pass few years we have struggled to get enough heifers to warrant a heifer test.

The Maritime Beef Test Station is a breeder owned co-operative. A Board of Directors consists of representatives from different member breeds, Government representatives from all three Maritime provinces and a representative from each Cattlemen's Association.

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