Guy LeBlanc wins Bob Colpitts Memorial Award

On Friday March 28, 2014 Guy LeBlanc was name the first ever recipient of the Bob Colpitts Memorial Award at the New Brunswick Beef Conference.  This award is intended to recognize leaders who have committed their career to the continual improvement of the New Brunswick beef industry.


After graduating with a Technical Diploma from the NSAC, Guy started at the NB Department of Agriculture in 1980 (May 5th to be exact).

This is a very fitting award in the sense that Guy’s first day on the job started at 4 a.m. as a trip to Miramichi with Bob Colpitts to weigh cattle.  However, Guy will admit that he thought that Bob was testing him from that first day on the job.

Guy would go on to work with Bob for the first 20 years of his career at the department.

After 10 years at the department Guy decided it was time to open up more horizons and he went back to school to get his B.Sc. in Agriculture taking courses at UNB and attending the University of Maine in Orono in 1991 – 1992.

Throughout his career, Guy has always demonstrated his commitment to advancing the agricultural sector. Guy was instrumental in bringing the idea of feeder cattle grading to Canada and ultimately the first graded feeder sale to ever be held in Canada, this developed into the organization of the Kings County Feeder association regular graded feeder cattle sales each year.

He was also instrumental in the beginning of NB Beef conferences which began in the mid-1990’s and we have had probably a dozen since then.

Guy has initiated a number of projects to help with marketing cattle including grading and videotaping cattle, vaccination programs. Numerous projects with pharmaceutical companies and producers.

His bid taking skills and enthusiasm at auctions are second to none as evidenced by him being placed on the cover of Atlantic Beef taking bids at the Napan Bull sale.

Guy is on the Board of Directors of the Maritime Beef Testing Society, he is responsible for Nappan getting the Grow Safe system.

He has also worked with numerous breed organizations, field days, shows, sales, and, he has continued the winter training programs that he and Bob Colpitts had begun.

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