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Maritime Beef Conference- Hold the Date

The Maritime Beef Council will be hosting the inaugural Maritime Beef Conference on March 27 and 28 at the Delta Beausejour in Moncton, NB.  The agenda features Jeff Fitzpatrick from McDonalds Canada, Paul DeJonge from Atlantic Beef Products as well as Fawn Jackson from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. Dr. Montanholi will also be presenting his results from the summer heifer test as well as update on the winter bull test at the Test Station.

Please click here for the 2015 Beef Conference Agenda [PDF]

Out to Pasture Farm wins Annual EFP Award

EFP PictureAnnual Nova Scotia Environmental Stewardship Award was awarded to Kevin Veinotte and family from Out To Pasture Farm located in West Northfield, Lunenburg County at NSFA’s Annual Meeting Banquet on November 27th.

“The Veinotte Family are deserving winners of this award.” Says Dennis Boudreau, President of Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, who was on hand for the award presentation. “They are true leaders in the agriculture community and demonstrate environmental stewardship to their full potential.”

“You can’t help but be impressed when you visit the Veinotte’s farm,” Says Environmental Farm Plan Team Manager, Kathryn Bremner. “They have such a deep respect for the farm and the environment. Environmental sustainability is incorporated into every component of their operation.”

Out to Pasture Farm is truly a diverse operation in West Northfield, Lunenburg County that consists of beef cattle, sheep, free range chickens, pasture, forage, Christmas trees, a woodlot and several acres of ponds, wetlands and areas reserved for wildlife. Instead of relying on sprays, beneficial insects are used to control pests within the Christmas trees and the barn yard. Rotational grazing, frost seeding and applying the farm’s manure based on soil fertility tests and a nutrient management plan helps ensure productive pastures and forage fields. The farm has worked with several organizations to improve stream health, and fish and wildlife habitat on the farm. Streams have been fenced, digger logs installed and a large wetland has been constructed on the farm. The farm’s woodlot is FSC certified and their sustainable woodlot management practices won them the 2007 Provincial Woodlot Owner of the Year.

2015 NSCP Meeting Dates

The NSCP would like to announce details regarding our Zone and Annual Meetings, please see below for further details.  There will be elections in Zones 1 and 4 as well as two Director-at-Large positions at the Annual General Meeting on February 21, 2015 at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro.  Please make an effort to attend the Zone and AGM as we will provide several updates on projects we have been working on as well as proposed amendments to the NSCP Marketing Plan.

Zone Date Time Location
1 January 19 1:00 pm Telegraph House, Baddeck
2 January 19 7:00 pm Museum of Industry, New Glasgow
3 January 20 7:00 pm Lion’s Den, Oxford
4 January 20 1:00 pm Forestry Centre, Middle Musquodoboit
5 January 21 7:00 pm Berwick Fire Hall, Berwick
6 January 26 7:00 pm Best Western, Bridgewater

Feeder Sale Dates at Atlantic Stockyards

Atlantic Stockyards have announced dates for the 2014 Fall Feeder Sales.  Sales will start at 10:00am on the following dates:
Saturday November 15
Saturday December 6

Vaccinated cattle will be uniquely identified, all cattle will be sold by order of arrival. Vaccinated cattle must be accompanied by a vaccination declaration.

Producers are encouraged to pre register all feeder cattle as early as possible – ASL will be list pre registered cattle on their website.

For more information please visit the Atlantic Stockyards website.

Meat leads rise in Consumer Price Index

Though consumers have seen relatively flat inflation overall, food prices continue to climb.

The U.S. Department of Labor released its Consumer Price Index yesterday, noting a 1.7 percent increase year over year. Hikes in food (3 percent) and shelter (3 percent) were mitigated by drops in the price of gasoline, cars, appliances and other items.

Food has been especially stubborn this year. Beef, thanks to an ongoing drought in the West and a massive, long-term culling of the U.S. beef herd, is at record high prices. Ground beef rose 17 percent year over year and beef roasts are up 20 percent. Both figures are the highest year over year climb in a decade.

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