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2015 Heifer Sale Announcement

The Maritime Beef Testing Society is very pleased to announce that we will, once again, be holding a heifer consignment sale at our annual Breeding Stock Sale on April 4, 2015.  Last year’s sale was a great success and we are hoping to build on that this year.  We hope to expand the sale to include approximately 40 high quality heifers.  Please click here for a Summary of the 2014 Heifer Sale

This will be a quality event! Bluntly put this will not be a place for common quality heifers, heifers must be offered by March 1, 2014. Rather than a sale commission, a flat fee of $100.00 will be charged per animal sold.  Heifers selected will be delivered to the Test Station approximately 1 week prior to the sale date to allow them to calm down, adapt, rest, fill out and allow for early viewing by prospective buyers.

Heifers delivered will be weighed on arrival and must be at least 900 pounds or they will not be accepted, no exceptions!  At this time they will be tagged with their lot number sale order will be as they come out of the pen going to the sale ring.

Due to the early sale time pregnancy confirmation will likely be difficult but if confirmed by ultrasound that would be an advantage (this to be done by consignor prior to delivery). An AI breeding date or an observed natural breeding date will be announced but heifer will sell as expose.  Heifers exposed but with no observed breeding date will be sold considered open and possibly bred. Exposure bull must be identified.

Hopefully with the upturn in the beef industry there will be herd rebuilding and startups in the future. It is our goal that this sale will provide a needed service to purebred and commercial breeders both buyers and sellers and that the Maritime Beef Testing Society continues  it’s long tradition as a major player in the development and improvement of the beef industry in Atlantic Canada. If interested contact Ken Thompson at 902-661-2855 or Brian Trueman at 902-667-1137 for more information.

Please click here for the 2015 MBTS Heifer Consignment Intent Form  [PDF]

Cattle Industry Unites to Develop National Beef Strategy

Calgary, AB – The growing global demand for protein has presented Canada’s beef industry with an unprecedented opportunity to increase demand for its beef products. The ability of industry to fully seize this opportunity is not without significant challenges; tight cattle supplies, reduced marketings, and competition for arable land are among the factors to be overcome. Canada’s beef sector organizations have responded to the challenge with the creation of the National Beef Strategy. A collaborative effort of national and provincial beef sector organizations, the National Beef Strategy provides the framework for how the organizations can work together to best position the Canadian beef industry for greater profitability, growth and continued production of a high quality beef product of choice in the world.

Released publicly today, the National Beef Strategy proposes a united path forward to meeting these challenges and opportunities with a goal to benefit all sectors of the beef industry. Martin Unrau and Trevor Atchison, co-chairs of the National Beef Strategic Planning Group and members of the Canadian Beef Advisors, a group of experienced beef sector professionals leading the implementation of the National Beef Strategy, believe the beef industry needs to adapt and evolve to stay relevant. The Strategy is the way to move the industry forward, together.

“The need for industry to push itself is now,” says Unrau. “The National Beef Strategy will build on and strengthen the foundational pieces of existing work that have enabled the beef industry to grow to date but in a manner which will be more responsive to current and future needs. This will enable chronic issues, like infrastructure and capacity, to be addressed more holistically, and lead to programming to help grow beef demand and bridge to where industry wants to be in the future.”

Developed by industry for industry, the National Beef Strategy seeks to position the Canadian beef industry as the most trusted and competitive high quality beef cattle producer in the world recognized for its superior quality, safety, value, innovation and sustainable production methods.

Atchison said that moving forward with a unified approach will require the same flexibility beef producers demonstrate as they adjust business plans to manage unanticipated challenges thrown in their way. “This strategy is something all stakeholders in the industry can buy into. There’s strength in numbers and by working together we will build a stronger and more robust industry capable of meeting and responding to the opportunities now and into the future,” he said.

Learn more about how stakeholders can achieve a dynamic and profitable Canadian cattle and beef industry at

Please click here to read the full National Beef Cattle Industry Strategy [PDF]

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