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Nova Scotia Programs Announced

The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers are pleased to announce that we will be offering two industry programs in 2015-16. The first is the continuation of the Safe Handling of Cattle Program and the second is the Elite Sire Program.

The objective of the Safe Handling of Cattle Program is to provide support to cattle producers for the purchase of neck extending headgates, cattle squeezes and crowding tubs. The use of this equipment has been proven to reduce the stress levels of animals and well as increase the safety of the handlers. Up to 40% of the purchase cost will be provided for this equipment.

The objective of the Elite Sire Program is to provide support to cattle producers for the purchase of genetically superior animals which are physically and structurally sound as well as have EPDs above breed average. Incentives will be provided for breeders to have their bulls genetically evaluated. Up to 30% of the purchase price to a maximum of $700 per bull plus $100 bonuses are available for bulls which have a superior ADG Index, three EPDs above breed average for production and/or carcass traits and have a negative residual feed intake (RFI). Bulls who participate in a genetic evaluation program are eligible for $200.

No producer will receive more than the $4,000.00 as a combined program maximum

For complete guidelines, please see the application form which has been included with this newsletter on the yellow piece of paper. Please complete the application and must be received in the NSCP office no later than October 23, 2015.

All claims for eligible expenses must be submitted to the NSCP office no later than February 29, 2016. For more information, please visit

Record September Feeder Sale Prices

Top Single >500lbs – Char steer weighing 520lbs @ $3.00, owned by Donald J MacLellan, bought by Larry Weatherby’s Farm.

Top Group >500lbs–2 Char steers weighing 513lbs ave @ $3.375, owned by Joseph Doiron, bought by John Houley and Son.

Next feeder sale is October 17, 2015. Check or call 902-893-9603 for up to date information.

Please click here for the complete ASL September 12, 2015 Feeder Sale Report [PDF]

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